LOST IN PARIS | Paris Pieds Nus

Directed by: Dominique Abel, Fiona Gordon | Narrative Feature | 82 min | English/French | East Coast Premiere
About the Film

After winning the Grand Jury Award in 2011 with their hit THE FAIRY, husband and wife comedy duo Dominique Abel and Fiona Gordon return to HIFF with LOST IN PARIS, a charming ode to the physical comedy of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton. When Fiona leaves her tiny arctic town in Canada to visit Paris for the first time, she gets the adventure she always wanted, but under some catastrophic circumstances. Stranded and lost, she relies on the eccentric Dom to guide her through the most romantic city in the world. With storybook visuals and classic slapstick gags, Fiona's journey is not to be missed.

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