ORIGINAL BLISS | Gleißendes Glück

Directed by: Sven Taddicken | Narrative Feature | 102 min | German | US Premiere
About the Film

In ORIGINAL BLISS, award-winning German filmmaker Sven Taddicken delivers an electrifying adaptation of A.L. Kennedy’s short story collection. Trapped in a loveless marriage with an abusive husband, the once spiritual Helene (Martina Gedeck) has lost all hope and faith in God. Suffering from chronic insomnia and depression, she seeks guidance from famed psychologist Eduard E. Gluck (Ulrich Tukur). The charismatic, secretly flawed doctor awakens her curiosity and sexuality, and the pair embark on a dangerous romance. With thrilling performances, ORIGINAL BLISS is a powerful story of two lost souls indulging in the darkest manifestations of love and passion.

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