The Brick
The Brick
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Untitled American Flag Craft Project
Brick Resident Artist Autumn 2017
Thursday, December 7, 2017 at 7:00PM

The Brick
579 Metropolitan Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Music by Starr Busby (1st week), Wolfen De Kastro (2nd Week), Chapman and Julia Sirna-Frest (3rd Week)
60 minutes

(You can buy a ticket @ 7 and stay the whole time or buy a ticket for @ 8:15 or 9:30 to get a shorter taste.)
Thursday 11/30 
7:00: Oona Montandon! Christopher J. Cancel-Pomales! Leta Renée-Alan!
8:15: Merlin Whitehawk*! Rachel Lin! Daaimah Mubashshir!
9:30 PM  Angeliea Stark  ! Maya Lawson*! Ronald Peet*!

Friday 12/1 
7:00 PM  Alice Gorelick!  Zoë Geltman!  Daaimah Mubashshir!
8:15 PM  Merlin Whitehawk*!  Kaaron Briscoe! Leta Renée Alan!
9:30 PM  Matt Korahais*! Christopher J. Cancel-Pomales! Isabelle Pierre!

Saturday 12/2 
7: Matt Korahais*! Zoë Geltman! Alice Gorelick!
8:15  Vanessa Pereda-Felix! Linda Mancini! Merlin Whitehawk*!
9:30  Lucy Kaminsky! Quilan "Cue" Arnold! Christopher J. Cancel-Pomales!

Wednesday 12/6 
7  Linda Mancini! Lucy Kaminsky! Ronald Peet*!
8:15  Jessica Almasy*! Kaaron Briscoe!  Angeliea Stark!
9:30  Isabelle Pierre! Alexa Andreas! Maya Lawson*!

Thursday 12/7 
7:  Oona Montandon! Leta Renée-Alan! Daaimah Mubashshir!
8:15  Rachel Lin! Angeliea Stark! Christopher J. Cancel-Pomales!
9:30  Kaaron Briscoe! Isabelle Pierre! Jessica Almasy*

Friday 12/8 
7  Alice Gorelick!  Rachel Lin! Jessica Almasy*!
8:15  Daaimah Mubashshir! Zoë Geltman! Christopher J. Cancel-Pomales!
9:30  Quilan "Cue" Arnold! Kaaron Briscoe! Matt Korahais*!

Saturday 12/9 
7  Maya Lawson!  Matt Korahais!  Isabelle Pierre!
8:15  Alexa Andreas! Quilan "Cue" Arnold! Jessica Almasy*!
9:30  Lucy Kaminsky! Vanessa Pereda-Felix! Merlin Whitehawk!

Wednesday 12/13 
7  Angeliea Stark! Ronald Peet*! Lucy Kaminsky!
 8:15  Kaaron Briscoe! Linda Mancini! Alice Gorelick!
9:30  Quilan "Cue" Arnold! Maya Lawson*! Leta Renée-Alan!

Thursday 12/14 
7  Alice Gorelick! Oona Montandon!  Daaimah Mubashshir!
8:15  Merlin Whitehawk! Zoë Geltman! Leta Renée-Alan!
9:30  Vanessa Pereda-Felix! Alexa Andreas! Isabelle Pierre!

Friday 12/15 
7  Matt Koraheis*! Rachel Lin! Zoë Geltman!
8:15  Vanessa Pereda-Felix! Linda Mancini! Oona Montandon!
9:30  Merlin Whitehawk*! Isabelle Pierre! Christopher J. Cancel-Pomales!

Saturday, 12/16 

Schedule TBA
 All performers
Start @ 2pm

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*appearing courtesy of Actors Equity Association                                                  
The Brick Theater | 575 Metropolitan Ave | Brooklyn NY