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The Weekly Improv Workout
Saturday, December 22, 2018 at 3:00PM

Westside Comedy Theater
1323-A Third Street Promenade
Santa Monica, CA 90401


Cost: $20.00

Day and Time: Saturday from 3:00pm - 5:00pm

Westside's Weekly Improv Workout is an opportunity for improvisers with previous experience (some or lots!) to keep those improv muscles growing without having to commit to an eight week program. The workout is two hours long and is taught by Westside's most experienced teachers. Please arrive a few minutes early to sign up as the teacher may cap the number of students at 15 if they wish to do so (based on the exercises they'll be working on that day).
Location: Westside Comedy Theater (a sign will be posted if the class has been moved to a different, walk-able location close to the theater).

You can either sign up online or come to class with cash. Credit cards and checks cannot be accepted for walk-ups.
Please note this is not a Beginner Improv Class! If you are a beginning improviser, having never taken an improv class before, please go to our "Free Intro to Improv" page in the menu to get details on the date of those workshops, or email our Training Center Director for more information -

Upcoming Workouts:

May 18th - Al Garcia - In grad school I studied how the brain processes anxiety, a topic very relevant to performers. We'll explore exercises for managing your "fight or flight" response when you get nervous about being judged on stage.


June 1st - Bryan Truong - "Why POV" . Using "why" to get to a stronger POV

June 8th - Trevor Tevel - "Characters, CHARacters, charACTERS!"
We will go through methods on how to create characters that are dynamic, funny, and not a stereotype.

June 15th - Zach Huddleston - "More Present Scenework"

June 22nd - Rich Baker - "Emote Control" 
Remove the pressure to improvise ‘funny words’ and instead use your emotional connection to your scene partners to create powerful scenes. Even the funniest person will eventually run out of things to say, but you’ll never run out of emotional reactions.

June 29th - Patrick Rowland - "Character Workshop"
Learn how to create and sustain grounded fun believable characters.

July 6th - Zach Huddleston - "Dumb Fun"
Keeping it simple and enjoyable

July 13th - Ami Clover -

July 20th - Rolland Lopez - "Keep Your Eyes OFF The Road"
Yeah, yeah I know i'm supposed to Yes And and listen and react and I do all that but sometimes I just don't know what to do or say next!! This workshop teaches students that to move forward in a scene it is EASIER TO LOOK BACK on what you and your partner have already created and pull from there!

July 27th - Amey Goerlich - "Side Coaching Your Scenes"
Sometimes it’s more helpful to get a note while your scene is happening rather then after the scene is done.  Amey will side coach your scenes to keep them on track and moving forward.