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The Weekly Improv Workout
Saturday, December 22, 2018 at 3:00PM

Westside Comedy Theater
1323-A Third Street Promenade
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Cost: $20.00

Day and Time: Saturday from 3:00pm - 5:00pm

Westside's Weekly Improv Workout is an opportunity for improvisers with previous experience (some or lots!) to keep those improv muscles growing without having to commit to an eight week program. The workout is two hours long and is taught by Westside's most experienced teachers. Please arrive a few minutes early to sign up as the teacher may cap the number of students at 15 if they wish to do so (based on the exercises they'll be working on that day).
Location: Westside Comedy Theater (a sign will be posted if the class has been moved to a different, walk-able location close to the theater).

You can either sign up online or come to class with cash. Credit cards and checks cannot be accepted for walk-ups.
Please note this is not a Beginner Improv Class! If you are a beginning improviser, having never taken an improv class before, please go to our "Free Intro to Improv" page in the menu to get details on the date of those workshops, or email our Training Center Director for more information -

Upcoming Workouts:

March 23rd – Amey Goerlich – Attack That Scene
Let's stop softball pitching in our scenes lets play baseball and knock it out of the park. Let's jump on that grenade, Jump off that cliff, chase down that bear. Learn some tips and tricks to attack your scene and give it all you got. Leave nothing behind ATTACK THAT SCENE!

March 30th – Chris Alvarado –"Alternate Reality" Grounded scene work doesn't mean boring scene work! We'll be exploring fantastical characters and worlds while maintaining the qualities that go into a good scene. Let's inject some whimsy into our play, shall we?

April 6th - Zach Huddleston - "Making the Active Choice Fun" Finding ways to make your scenes more present, more active, more fun.

April 13th - Amey Goerlich - "Out of this world Space and Object Work" Let’s get into it and see the value of amazing object work. From simple tasking to flawed object work we will up your emotional state in a scene. Amey will teach you some tricks, tips and a little bit of magic to bring into your scene work.

April 20th - Patrick Rowland - "Finding and Sustaining Your Character" Tired of making the same character choices in shows? This workshop will give you the tools to discover, and maintain new characters instantly. Through several different fun exercises you'll be able to expand your wheelhouse with grounded unique choices without getting in your head.

April 27th - Carla Cackowski - "I Knew It!" If your characters know each other well in an improv scene, all they ever need to do is be together. Paths suddenly become clear when you're not inventing or being surprised. Exercises will be focused on making effective choices by assuming you know all the information already!

May 4th - Chris Alvarado - "Slow-Mo” In this workshop we’ll be taking our time in scenes to discover all of the gifts that are often overlooked or passed by. 

May 11th - Jay Sukow - "Talk Less Rock More!" Take the burden of words away. Use the 3 S technique: silence, sounds and songs to build tension and drive scenes forward. When you improvise without dialogue, you say so much more.

May 18th - Craig Cackowski - "Expanding Your Range: A Character Workshop" Character in sketch comedy might mean funny wigs and glasses, but how do we create character in improvised scenes? And how do we develop and heighten those characters over the course of a scene, while still working with our partner? Craig will share a number of character-developing exercises, from the subtle to "over the top", and you'll never be accused of "always playing yourself" again!!

May 25th - Al Garcia - In grad school I studied how the brain processes anxiety, a topic very relevant to performers. We'll explore exercises for managing your "fight or flight" response when you get nervous about being judged on stage.