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CORE 3: Story CORE
Open For Enrollment
Saturday, January 26, 2019 at 2:00PM

Impro Theatre School
1727 N Vermont Ave. #211
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Students must have completed CORE 1 and 2 to enroll in this class. If you have any questions about your eligibility, please email

Story CORE is the third workshop in the series of four CORE curriculum workshops. This workshop builds on the work from Physical and Character CORE and begins to deepen improvised stories with character objectives and throughlines. Story analysis begins in this CORE class. Students dive into story with awareness towards tone, beats, theme, arch, and reincorporation. Impro’s style makes an important distinction between plot and story. We define plot as the events that happen in the narrative. Whereas story, on the other hand, is the emotional journey taken by a protagonist. Impro believes the best narrative improvisation comes from organically discovering and then diving deep into the STORY. Emotion creates story. Relationship creates story. Strong wants create story. Even, as simple as it sounds, movement creates story. The plot will simply happen as a by-product of good story. Improvisers don’t need to know or think about plot. They don’t need to know where they’re going. Keith Johnstone wrote, “The improviser has to be like a man walking backwards. He sees where he has been but he pays no attention to the future. His story can take him anywhere, but he must still “balance” it, and give it shape, by remembering the incidents that have been shelved and reincorporating them.” At Impro students learn to build on what they already have, thereby diving deeper into the story!

This class will end on April 14th

After completing Story CORE, the instructor will meet with each student to discuss his or her classwork. At which point, the instructor will recommend either another session of Story CORE or the fourth and final workshop of the C.O.R.E. Program: Genre CORE.

Audition or placement required.
COST: $485 for 12 weeks

--Payment plan--
$170 at the time of registration
$170 at the beginning of the next month (even if the class started toward the end of a month)
$170 at the beginning of the following month