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CORE 4: Genre CORE
Tennessee Williams with Mike Rock
Saturday, January 26, 2019 at 2:00PM

Impro Theatre School
1727 N Vermont Ave. #211
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Students must have completed CORE 1-3 to enroll in this class. If you have any questions about your eligibility, please email

Genre CORE is the fourth class of the CORE progression where students apply the skills from CORE 1, 2, & 3 to the study of a specific style. Class begins with the study of a handful of styles in the main company repertoire. The tropes and motifs of the great writers in our repertoire teach us how to tell compelling stories of any style. By week 4 of Genre CORE, the class settles on one predetermined genre, and an in-depth study begins culminating in a performance on the Ellen Idelson Stage at Impro Studio. When working on any genre at Impro Theatre School, students become well-versed in the writer's work, the theatrical devices used by the writer, the language, the time period and place, and genre or narrative conventions. And at Impro School we don’t stop there! Impro students study the biography of the writer and the writer’s point of view. Students read and investigate the works that inspired the writer, historical events of the writer’s lifetime, and the cultural and political conditions that would have had an effect on the writer’s work. This is all done in a heartfelt attempt to step into that writer’s shoes. At Impro, we hope to create work that is an homage, rather than parody, to a writer that changed the landscape of his or her medium.

After completing Genre CORE, the instructor will meet with each student to discuss his or her classwork. At which point, the instructor might recommend another session of any one of the CORE workshops to help the student strengthen an area of weakness or the instructor might recommend that the student sign up for one of our Ongoing Narrative classes in the APPLIED CORE Program.

This class will end on April 14th

COST: $485 for 12 weeks

--Payment plan--
$170 at the time of registration
$170 at the beginning of the next month (even if the class started toward the end of a month)
$170 at the beginning of the following month