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CORE 1: Physical CORE
Open For Enrollment!
Sunday, January 20, 2019 at 10:30AM

Impro Theatre School
1727 N Vermont Ave. #211
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Students must have completed Intro to Narrative Improv, placed by audition into the class or spoken with our School Administrator to enroll in CORE 1: Physical CORE

Physical CORE is the first workshop in the series of four CORE curriculum workshops and the foundation of Impro’s style of narrative improvisation. Impro values grounded characters, fully realized environments, and performing with a relaxed state of play. Physical CORE explores creating that relaxed state of play by letting go of the common misconception that improv is all about quick wits, verbal dexterity, and entering with an “idea”. While those skills can be helpful, at Impro we start by focusing on creating scenes from nonverbal offers like emotion, sensory input, stage picture, and movement. Impro asks its students to slow down, give importance to stagecraft, acting, and environment, as well as explore silences, and allow relationships and emotion to create story. Much of the work in this class is inspired by Patsy Rodenburg’s concept of the 2nd Circle, by Anne Bogart’s adaptation of Viewpoints for the stage, as well as by Rudolf Laban’s movement analysis.

After completing Physical CORE, the instructor will meet with each student to discuss his or her classwork. At which point, the instructor will recommend either another session of Physical CORE or the second workshop of the C.O.R.E. Program: Character CORE.

12 weeks, 3 hour classes: $485 or three payments of $170

--Payment plan--
$170 at the time of registration
$170 at the beginning of the next month (even if the class started toward the end of a month)
$170 at the beginning of the following month