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All Out Shorts III: Legends Through a Glass Queerly
featuring Echo, Narcissus..., Blue Dijjn + Brother Lovers
Sunday, July 20, 2014 at 12:00PM

The Wild Project
195 E. 3rd St.
between Ave A & B
New York, NY 100009
East Village
F-Train 1st Ave & Houston


Three short works dealing with the queer and mythical: ECHO, NARCISSUS, NARCISSUS, ECHO by Brandon Monokian (World Premiere) A work about unrequited love through the lens of mythological characters in present day. + THE BLUE DJINN by Tom Rowan (NY Premiere) A tender, funny, sexy, and mysterious play about learning to trust between a composer and a go-go boy. BROTHER LOVERS by Zave Martohardjono (World Premiere) an experimental play and multimedia performance that takes as its subjects queer desire, self-hood, and loss of homeland.

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