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Top of the Scene to You with Jordana Mishory
Thursday, May 13, 2021 at 7:00PM

Washington, DC 20009

We usually try to reduce the importance of the first line of a scene. "It's just a place to start," you might hear. And while that is true, everything you need for a successful scene can be found in those first moments if they are fully committed to.

In this workshop you will practice different ways to organically initiate a scene. And just as importantly, we will work on how to respond to an initiation.

Thoughtful initiations require good listening from a scene partner. You should know what your scene partner wants from you as the improviser. We will work on techniques to be more open and ready to truly play with someone's idea and kick off a scene from the word go. We will also work on making choices at the top to help yes-and the initiation.

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