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A celebration of female voices - our 12th year!
EstroGenius 2011 Sola Voce
program of solo shows
Friday, October 7, 2011 at 6:00PM

Manhattan Theatre Source
177 Macdougal Street
New York, NY 10011
Betw. Waverly Place and W.8th St., 1 block north of Washington Square Park
A/C/E, or B/D/F/M to W. 4th St.

Fri, Oct. 7
Hand-Me-Downs: Scenes from a Life
Integrating the anger of Antigone and the nonsense of Mother Goose, a natural-born rebel performs scenes and poetry from her life as she dramatizes constrictive gender roles and prescriptive motherhood. Directed by Kathline Carr and Malini Singh McDonald; written and performed by Donna Barkman.

Lace Curtain Irish
Thirty-five years after the infamous Fall River axe murders, an Irish woman, working in her kitchen in Anaconda, Montana, opens a newspaper to read about the death of the alleged murderer, Lizzie Borden. The woman is Bridget Sullivan, the Borden's former maid. A gripping solo one-act that turns history on its head! Written by Carolyn Gage; performed by Denise Poirier.

Sat, Oct. 8
The Pain of Pink Evenings
Published in the anthology Best American Short Plays of 2000-2001, this lyrical solo play tells the story of Tracy Lusk, a grieving young widow coming to terms with her dead husband, and father. Written by Rosemary Moore; directed by Nancy Gabor; performed by Wendy Allegaert.

Listen...Can You Hear me Now?
Funny...irreverent...a hearing child's life interpreting for deaf parents leads to a search for her own voice. Directed by Peter Flint; written and performed by Gloria Rosen.

Fri, Oct. 14
Formerly Known as Sarah
Madam C.J. Walker, the first self-made female millionaire in the U.S., borrows the body of actress Joyce Griffen to step off her historic pedestal and share the real deal of her journey from daughter of late 1800's southern African American sharecroppers (who die when she's young) to hiring an African American architect to design her showplace mansion in lily-white Irvington, NY. Directed by Passion; written and performed by Joyce Griffen.

Sat, Oct. 15
Pelican Girls
When Mobile, Alabama, was a French Colony, a boatload of brides arrived from France. They were called the Pelican Girls. Written and directed by Richard Ballon; performed by Kate Hare.

Stand Clear of the Closing Doors, Please
A tiny play about underground humiliation. Written and performed by Emily Kunkel.

Call Me
A freshly single woman in her 30s awkwardly attempts to navigate the tech-heavy dating scene. Call her old-fashioned or old school, this girl longs for human interaction. And if that means having a threesome with a suburban couple from Jersey, so be it. Directed by Megan Cooper; written and performed by Katherine Williams.

Fri, Nov. 4
When They Go and You Do Not
"What matters is hard to know when half your soul has slipped like jello thought the grate." Widowed Wendy finds her way back to purpose again after the death of her long-time love. Directed by Bob Jaffe; written and performed by Susan Merson.

Sat, Nov. 5
A Captive Audience
Rebecca is trapped. In this room. In her life. Will she find her way out, or will she kept here forever? Directed by Melissa Attebery; written and performed by Vanessa Shealy.

Take Two Aspirin and Call Me in the Morning
Lily, a playwright, is talking on the phone to the director of her new play. One of the actors calls and then her ex-husband. While switching from one caller to the other, Lily slips, falls and breaks her leg. And then things get interesting. Written by Geoffrey Craig; directed by Allison M. Weakland; performed by Arlene Merryman.