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Manhattan Theatre Source presents
EstroGenius 2012 Sola Voce
a celebration of female voices - our 13th year!
Friday, November 9, 2012 at 6:00PM

TBG Theatre
312 W. 36th St
3rd Floor
New York, NY 10018
Betw. 8th and 9th Aves
A/C/E, 1/2/3 to 34th St Penn Station or N/Q/R to 34th St/Herald Sq

Sola Voce #1
Naked in Alaska
written and performed by Valerie Hager
directed by Scott Slavin
A young woman longs for a place where she feels welcome, but her drive to be desired pulls her into an adventure from which she may not return. Naked In Alaska tells the autobiographical, behind-the-scenes story of an exotic dancer searching for love and relief in clubs from Mexico to Alaska to California. Come see live pole dancing, hear your favorite rock n' roll hits, and feel a whole lotta heart! This is one wild adventure... but adventures aren't always what they appear.

Performances: Friday, November 9 @ 6pm & Saturday, November 10 @ 3pm

Sola Voce #2
Happily Never Ever
written and performed by Gina Femia
Step right up and see the Freaks, the women of fairy tales come to life with stories that will shock and amaze! The freak show has been traveling for fifteen years, but budget cuts mean one of its members will have to leave. Which will it be?

Performances: Monday, November 12 @ 9pm & Saturday, November 17 @ 2pm

Sola Voce #3
If You're Feeling Blue, Paint Yourself A Different Color!
written and performed by Stephanie Shaw
A funny and potentially offensive personal monologue about the difficulties of sustaining female friendships, the culture of scrap booking and its tangential relationship to a particularly messy sexual act, and the nature of poetry in the suburbs.

written and performed by Stephanie Shaw
Growing up with an Italian dad who comes to resemble, in an unusual way, the octopus that fascinates, whether it's in a National Geographic special, in a dish on the dinner table, or roaming free with many mistresses and a restaurant in Des Plaines, IL." A personal monologue that also involves the correct way to make a puttanesca sauce while avoiding any real conversation.

Don't Knock It 'Til You Try It
written and performed by Desi Moreno-Penson
A conservative Latina in her 40s finally gives in to her husband's demand for a threesome.

Performances: Tuesday, November 13 @ 9pm & Wednesday, November 14 @ 6pm

Sola Voce #4
Sailing Down the Amazon
written by Rosanna Yamagiwa Alfaro
directed by Victoria Marsh
performed by June Lewin
In Sailing Down the Amazon, an 80-year-old actress, at once sympathetic and insufferable, reacts to the news that she has Alzheimer’s by taking a trip down the Amazon. She is especially worried about how her disease will affect her relationship with the two men in her life: her long suffering husband and her admirer of forty years.

Out of My Mind
written and performed by Laura Pruden
At sixteen, Laura flips her lid and the heavens beckon; she screams and shuts the door. Raconteur Laura Pruden takes us on a journey through the human plane, where fantasy unravels, memory morphs, and there's no escape. Or is there? Having an in-body experience can be a trip.

Cheap Chicken
written and performed by Maria Gabriele
directed by Deborah Hedwall
An adult but irregular woman's attempt at finding a productive place and independence in the world. "Tell me about yourself, tell me about your goals."- if this is asked of a woman who hasn't held a job before, a woman who hasn't seen much except grocery stores, a woman who is never sure how much she's asked to share, then "Cheap Chicken" is the story she might tell.

Performances: Saturday, November 17 @ 3:30pm & Sunday, November 18 @ 6:30pm

Sola Voce #5
Finding the Michaels
written and performed by Cassie Angley
directed by Jennifer Stuckert
When your world explodes—literally—it’s time to rewrite your story. Cassie realizes this on the bright New York morning of 9/11, when she suddenly sets out on a quest to find her missing father, Michael. Tracing her bloodline through the generations, she finds a trail of Michaels, both dead and alive. With humor and determination, she portrays nine of the characters she meets on her journey and musters the courage to piece together their fractured stories in this moving and inspiring play. (More info at:

Performances: Monday, November 19 @ 9pm & Tuesday, November 20 @ 9pm

Sola Voce #6
Tea with Vivien Leigh
written and performed by Alessandra Drapos
directed by Philip Hedley
Post mental breakdown, British actress/bombshell Vivien Leigh ("Gone with the Wind," "Streetcar Named Desire") is visited by a young, naïve American drama student in a master-class situation gone horrendously wrong. This play examines the eerie familiarities between Vivien Leigh and the famous roles she played while questioning the nature of acting itself. For Vivien, the roles she played were an escape from mental illness. Unfortunately, they were also her demise.

Performances: Monday, November 26 @ 9pm & Tuesday, November 27 @ 9pm