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Cannot access this performance because it occurred in the past: 3/14/15 5:00 PM.
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The Western Collective
Riffs Music Acoustic Nights
A La Jolla Event Planners Production
Saturday, March 14, 2015 at 5:00PM

Riffs Acoustic Music
5510 La Jolla Blvd
Bird Rock, CA 92037
The show will be in the backyard space. Enter through the storefront. Doors open 4:30 p.m. This is a one hour performance.

There are no chairs at this venue. Seating is on your own blanket or yoga mat. If you require any assistance contact us

The Western Collective is a collaborative group of singer/songwriters that create an eclectic blend of Americana music. From fast bluegrass jams to slow ethereal ballads, the band members weave one another’s unique styles to create a cohesive sound that both delights and enlightens the soul.

Trent Hancock, Justin Werner, Fast Heart Mart, Jamie Shadowlight, and Chad Farran have all been successful as solo artists, but it wasn’t until they all came together on the west coast of California that this compelling sound was born. Similar to the balance of songwriting of such greats as Lennon/McCartney/Harrison, The Western Collective’s members feed off each other’s inspiration to write songs that could only be created by such a collaboration.

The Western Collective’s songs tell stories of life, love, hope and happiness and the band is now here to share their hearts and dreams with the world.

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