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The Rite of Spring
Spring Series

Erma Lowe Hall, Studio Theatre - Texas Christian University
3000 S. University Dr.
Fort Worth, TX 76129

The Spring Series, at Erma Lowe Hall, Studio Theatre, will provide Fort Worth audiences the chance to see Peugh’s most ambitious work to date: he will reimagine Igor Stravinsky’s masterwork The Rite of Spring. Set in a 1950’s gymnasium, this original dance work will use the iconic rite of passage for American teenagers—senior prom—as a vehicle with which to reinvent Stravinsky’s self- described “solemn pagan rite.” Rounding out the program for the Spring Series, DCCD has commissioned a world premiere by up-and- coming Italian choreographer Fabio Liberti. Liberti, a native of Torino and current dancer for Danish Dance Theatre—one of Northern Europe’s leading companies—has collected top prizes at international choreography competitions including Copenhagen International Choreography Competition and Hannover International Choreography Competition. “Dark Circles and Joshua Peugh are an exciting new gem in our cultural landscape,” said Charles Santos, Executive and Artistic Director of TITAS. “This is a company to watch!”
The Rite of Spring
Spring Series
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