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Over Share Cabaret with Mel DeLancey & Friends
Over Share Cabaret

13th Street Repertory
50 West 13th Street
(between 6th & 7th Avenues)
New York, NY 10011
West Village
Any Subway to 14th Street & 6th Avenue

The Over Share Cabaret

With Mel DeLancey & Friends

Musical Direction by Norma Jeanne Curley

Come experience the "Sex, Love, & Showtunes" as imagined by Mel DeLancey. It's a variety show filled with musical theater, sketch comedy and story telling for a new audience that really likes truth and TMI.

APRIL: Saturday 4/16 @ 9:30pm Sunday 4/17 @ 7pm

MAY: Sunday 5/15 @ 7pm, Thursday 5/19 @ 8pm

JUNE: Thursday 6/16 @ 8pm.Thursday 6/23 @ 8pm

SUMMER: Friday 7/29 @ 8pm, Saturday 7/30 @ 8pm Tickets $20

Over Share Cabaret with Mel DeLancey & Friends
Over Share Cabaret
Canceled Canceled
Sold Out Sold Out
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