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Flat Earth Theatre Presents:
The BlackBox

Mosesian Center for the Arts
321 Arsenal Street
Watertown, MA 02472
Getting to the MCA.

By Jean Anouilh, based on the Sophocles play of the same name.

A piece of French Resistance art that evaded Nazi censorship in 1944 through its association with the Sophocles play of the same name, Jean Anouilh’s retelling of Antigone boldly reimagines the classical Greek tragedy about a defiant woman in a tyrannical state. Antigone challenges her uncle, the new Theban King Creon, by acting on her moral duty to bury her brother, although this has been declared a treasonous act punishable by death. What transpires is a timeless exploration of when to accept authority in order to maintain the status quo and when to confront it, no matter the consequences.

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Flat Earth Theatre Presents:
The BlackBox
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