Boston Court Pasadena
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February 9, 2019 10AM-3PM

Taught by Emilie Beck and Leslie Blanco

This is a two-part workshop. The first half of each class will intersperse meditation, mindful movement, and generative writing exercises. We'll be looking for ways to write freely, embrace the excitement of not knowing what will arise, release ourselves from judgment, and access unbound creativity. The second half of the class will be dedicated to sharing our work with confidence. We’ll play games to loosen ourselves from the constraints of stage fright, learn physical tools to support body and voice, and practice methods of delivery in order to speak our own words with fearlessness.

This class is geared toward writers of literary fiction and creative non-fiction.

Cost $125

Limited to 12 participants
January 7 through March 25, 2019
Mondays: 7PM-10PM

Taught by Emilie Beck 

At Boston Court, we look for plays that break expectations in some way. Maybe it’s as simple as not having a fourth wall, or following a non-linear timeline. Sometimes language is more poetic than realistic. At its most extreme, a play may take a metaphor and make it literal, upending associations with naturalism. We love plays that know the rules and break them intentionally, plays in which form and content equal one other in a thoughtful dance. In this 10-week course, we’ll assume you already know how to write a play. We’ll go beyond the basics of dramatic structure and creation of character, and look to create work in which we break form in pursuit of a more visceral, more imagistic, more theatrical version of a script.

(No class on January 21 or February 18)

Cost: $500

Limited to 10 participants