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3-Legged Dog is a nonprofit cultural and technology organization that relies on foundation, corporate, and individual donations to support our arts programming and artist development activities.
All contributions are fully tax-deductible.

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Esperpento is a series of 3D digital events which explores the dehumanization of the stranger. In a vivid sequence of natural and manmade disasters, rendered through a real-time video game engine, victims and perpetrators collide with increasingly interchangeable ethnic, class and cultural markers. These "Esperpento Events" are a digital meditation on the rejection of foreignness, and why we shun those who look (or appear to look) different from US.
Not Knowing
“Not-Knowing” is an immersive performance work and experiential exploration of
human intimacy conceived by director/designer Kevin Cunningham, working with
playwright Chuck Mee. The work will be developed by 3-legged Dog during the
2017/18 Season for a work in progress premiere in Fall of 2018.
3/Fifths is a theatrical work exploring race and racism today; informed by the history that is sometimes deemed too disturbing to explore. It transformed the 10,000 square feet of 3LD Art & Technology Center into a dystopian theme park called SuprmemacyLand.