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Poet's Den Gallery and Theater
Poet's Den Gallery and Theater
Foreign Exchange II
Forecast Productions and East Harlem Presents invite you to our annual showcase on Saturday January 24th at 7:30pm.

Foreign Exchange II will showcase 14 young International Artists who have come to NYC to study and hone their craft. Last year’s concert was a huge success showcasing 12 young international artists; 7 of them have gone to star in roles in theaters around the city and the country.

Following that success Forecast Productions and East Harlem Presents thought it only fitting to make it an annual event.

Foreign Exchange II has a new and exciting cast (14 artists, representing 11 countries) and is expanding the style and theatrical design. The concerts will be held at the beautiful and historic Poet's Den Theater in East Harlem.

Last year the countries represented were Spain, Puerto Rico, Taiwan, Australia, England, Chile, Mexico, and Canada.

The countries represented this year include Mexico, Canada, Nigeria, Italy, Spain, Scotland, Brazil, Australia, Taiwan, Trinidad and Tobago and Argentina.

Please help us to create a beautifully styled show with lighting, a 3 piece ensemble of musicians, video projections, intrigue and laughter. It will mean the world to these talented young artists. A launching pad for them to share their art with you and the world!!!

A challenge we have had is having enough funding for advertising and we need to pay for a great video -grapher...also we need to make sure we can pay the musicians, and theater staff what they deserve and if we run overtime, be sure we can accommodate them financially.

We hope you will join us by making a donation and come to experience these budding artists before they bloom into superstars.

For additional information or RSVP, please call 212.427.1445

Or visit

Thank You for your Support