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Bring smiles to the faces of kids in DC!

Did you know that WIT runs after-school programs in DC?

We’ve been sharing improv with fourth- and fifth-graders at Marie Reed Elementary and teens at the Kingman Boys and Girls Club. These programs help them improve their confidence, learn to communicate better, and discover the power of saying “yes” to each other.

You can help more kids participate in these programs! These programs are free for the students, so your donations help us support our existing programs and expand our youth programming.

Help WIT thrive 12 months a year
Say YES to making Washington a more fun and spontaneous place to live. Become a recurring donor to WIT.

Your gift will help WIT continue to thrive.

TEACH—WIT helps Washingtonians of all backgrounds to create and play together in WIT's life-changing classes

STAGE—We stage innovative and risk-taking performances like In Lieu of Flowers, Citizens' Watch and POTUS Among Us!

SHARE—WIT spreads the love and insight of improv with people throughout DC through WIT's Improv for All program (including our Improv in Every Ward initiative)

BUILD—We create a strong community by offering affordable (and often free!) arts programming through events like our weekly Harold Night performances.