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Give Today

For more than 60 years we’ve had the privilege of sharing the wonder of storytelling together. We've persevered through the fire of 1988 that destroyed our theatre, the L.A. Riots, the 2008 recession, and gentrification forcing us to move from theatre to theatre. None of those events has stopped us like Covid-19 has. 

During this frightening time— If you believe, as we do, that the power of theatre can provide precious light in times of fear and darkness, we need your help. If you've been enriched by the stories CoA brings to the stage, please help ensure they will be there for future audiences. 

We ask you to consider making a meaningful gift to ensure the livelihood of our artists and staff. In this time of uncertainty, we count on our community to take action and show up for the organizations and people who need it the most.

Your donation powers local vital virtual art-making with youth from our communities, virtual development of new plays and everything CoA has to offer. Your help keeps CoA's online programming free for our entire community. 

Thank You!