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Educational Films & Discussion Guides
The Talk: An Intercourse on Coming of Age $29.95
The Talk begins that often uncomfortable conversation about the taboo topic of sex. Designed for young people ages 12 –18, The Talk provides a springboard for discussion about a wide range of sex education topics – from puberty, to birth control, to the risks of casual sex. All topics are dealt with in a forthright yet responsible manner that will resonate with both teens and parents.

Includes DVD and Educator's Guide.
Goddess Menses & the Menstrual Show $29.95
Goddess Menses and the Menstrual Show demystifies menstruation and the related physical and emotional changes of girlhood. Segments are factual (what is “normal” anyway), funny (beware the tampon-stealing Tamburglar) and astonishingly frank, as girls reflect on the journey from self-consciousness to self-acceptance during adolescence.

Includes DVD and Educator's Guide.
The BoyShow $29.95
The BoyShow reveals everything awkward and awesome about “growing up guy.” In their own words, boys share their perspectives on a range of subjects, from puberty to absent fathers and more. By turns hilarious, informative, and heartbreaking, The BoyShow provides a raw and real glimpse into the teenage male mind.

Includes DVD and Educator's Guide.
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