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Charity Karaoke Sing for a Cause is Conejo Valley’s new musical fundraiser, benefiting 20 local nonprofits in one fundraising event.

The Karaoke Singers and the Nonprofit Organizations they’re singing for, race to find donors to sponsor their song before the September 21st deadline.

This donation will support the Young Artists Ensemble by sponsoring our singer!

September 21st, live onstage, the Karaoke Singers will compete for the titles of "Best Performance" and "Most Money Raised." Cash Prizes go directly to the Nonprofit Organizations. Whether you're watching in person or watching from home on Facebook Live, viewers can vote for their favorite singer. The competition will be fierce, so come out and support your favorite nonprofit.

Charity Karaoke, Sing for a Cause, is hosted by Conejo Senior Volunteer Program, which provides opportunities for adults age 55 and older to use their life experience and skills to meet local community needs.

If you have any additional comments or instructions regarding your donation, please feel free to write them here.