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Make A Donation
What would Orcas Island be without Orcas Center? A DREADFUL thought, I’m sure you’ll agree! We all NEED the Center to enrich our lives here on our isolated island.

• Concerts, by locals and out-of-town artists;
• Musical extravaganzas – such as the Chamber Music and Jazz Festivals;
• Plays and musicals, featuring our own fabulous local talents;
• Movies – during the Orcas Film festival;
• Opera, Ballet and British National Theater, showcasing some of the finest performers in the world;
• Art shows by some of our best local artists;
• Meeting places for local groups & spaces to hold fundraisers, memorials. celebrations, etc.;
• Classes, such as yoga, dance, painting and theater arts.

But. . . the Center can’t exist without your help. Ticket revenues cover less than a quarter of our operating budget and membership revenue is critical to our survival. The facility and programming you find here is typically found only in communities much larger than ours and we require a robust and constant volunteer, donor and membership base to be able to offer what we do. We cannot express enough gratitude for your generous donation to the arts.
Willie Thomas Memorial
After his long career as a performer and educator, Willie Thomas resided on Orcas Island from 1998 until his passing in February of this year. He remained very active during these last twenty years and continued friendships with musicians in Seattle and on Orcas.

All donations made in memory of Willie Thomas will benefit Orcas Center and it's mission to encourage and inspire performers on the island.