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New York Theatre Barn
SPARC: Subito Politico (Fiscally Sponsored)
SPARC: Subito Politico Artists' Retreat Collective is a 2 week, all-inclusive grant for early-career, historically marginalized and underrepresented source artists who may not otherwise have access to such resources to create new work. By providing the resources of the retreat, Subito Politico encourages work made by and about diverse groups and individuals, telling authentic stories to bring our larger communities closer in connection, empathy, and understanding. For more information, please visit
McGuire & Simon's BORDERS (Fiscally Sponsored)
Able - a web series (Fiscally Sponsored)
ABLE aims to fill a gap of missing conversations within the entertainment world. In a series of webisodes, our hosts (Kallen Blair and Alie B. Gorrie) join various figures in theater, film, television, and entertainment with real experiences with experiences in and with the differently-abled and neurodiverse communities to discuss how storytellers can create more representative and truthful narratives.
Katharine Pettit Creative (Fiscally Sponsored)
KPC uses dance as our universal language to spotlight social injustices, aiming to change minds by opening hearts through movement.