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2022 Campaign
Well, here we are again!! We made it through the height of the nightmare with fresh energy and new ideas brimming.

But Covid is not waning without leaving behind its threats of future variants and its18-month financial toll on our beloved theatre. So we’re presented with some real challenges going forward, perhaps more than any other time in our 52-year history.

 Please, during this holiday season, open your hearts to help us bring you some of the best, most eclectic and most adventurous theatre in Los Angeles. We’ve never been a “niche” theatre whereby one could anticipate the sort of project that might come next. Always, on the Odyssey stages “expect the unexpected”… the political, the psychological, the metaphysical, the historical, the fanciful, the spiritual and the outright controversial…but hopefully always provocative to the mind, gut and heart.

These are challenging times for all of us. But we hope to see you at the theatre again soon. And until then, we’re still here.

Wishing you happiness and health for 2022!

Ron and the Odyssey Staff
Writers' Odyssey
Writers’ Odyssey at the Odyssey Theatre Ensemble is a supportive, mindful community of dedicated, often underrepresented, playwrights creating meaningful new original works for the theatre. The group offers a reflective place for the cultivation of fresh work that highlights challenges relevant to our evolving and diverse society. In association with Velina Hasu Houston, Writers’ Odyssey is facilitated by Sally Essex-Lopresti, OTE Literary Manager and Writers’ Odyssey Coordinator. The group begins Spring Equinox, 2022.