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Aratani Theatre
General Donations 2019-2020
Thank you for considering making a tax-deductible donation to JACCC!

In the midst of all the uncertainty, your commitment and support of JACCC is deeply appreciated and vital.
With a donation of your choice, you can help us continue to create a place for arts, culture, and community to flourish for future generations & helps us to continue moving forward with creative work that prioritizes your well-being and keeps you engaged—like our weekly haiku series on our website, curated to provide inspiration and hope.

Single Donation
Your donation today, whether large or small, will help provide much-needed arts, culture, and connection to the community, especially our local older adults, during this period of social distancing and isolation.

Recurring gift: Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly
A recurring gift is an ongoing, specific gift amount determined by you that is charged monthly to your credit card. Your recurring gifts will be a dependable source of support that JACCC can count on throughout the year.

Memorial Donations 2019-2020
Japanese American National War Memorial Court