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General Operating Support
Help support your community theatre and the costs to open a show:
$10 will buy gaff tape to cover seams on a set.
$100 will pay for the makeup for 3 shows.
$1000 will cover building the costumes of one youth show.

Every donation helps keep your theatre's doors open and the ticket prices affordable.
The new spire shines proudly in downtown Alexandria. It has once again become a beacon for the entire town. Under this sits the very old, sad original marquee dating back to 1936. While it sits securely, it is continually deteriorating; the letters used to announce upcoming attractions are not replaceable with the theatre losing letters each year if they fall off and are smashed on the sidewalk or road below.

In other words, the marquee must be replaced. Design plans are in place for a new, digital marquee which will light up Broadway! The price tag for this needed change is $150,000.
Air conditioning and Theatre Upgrade
Andria Theatre's lobby, office and other locales (the auditorium is unaffected) lost their air conditioning this early summer. With so much going on in all areas of the theatre this summer we need to replace the air conditioning units with a new and more efficient system. We are also looking at other upgrades that will increase efficiency or meet an immediate need after we raise enough money for the air conditioning