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Earfull Spring '19 - 4 Week Package
Join us this June on the Branch Line patio as we welcome the coming of summer with another season of Earfull.

Week 4 is currently only available to those who purchase a package to all 4 shows!

Packages for tickets to all 4 shows are available at: Click Here

Week 1 Lineup:
   Joanna Rakoff
   Ann Hood
   Beth Bahia Cohen & Mimi Rabson
   Ali McGuirk
Week 2 Lineup:
   Whitney Scharer
   Peter Orner
   Hilken Mancini & Chris Colbourn
   Carissa Johnson

Week 3 lineup:
   Charlie Pierce
   Mark Leibovich
   Phillip Price
   Jesse Dee

Week 4 Lineup:
   Tom Perrotta
   Dennis Lehane
   Bill Janovitz
   Kay Hanley

*Please note: Tables at Branch Line are on a first come, first served basis and purchasing a ticket does not guarantee table seating. There will be a mix of seating and standing room but all will have access to place food/beverage orders with the excellent Branch Line staff.

Earfull is made possible by:
Q Division Studios,
Branch Line, and Creamer Management