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Subscriptions & Packages
Flat Earth Theatre - 2 Play Subscription (2018-2019 Season)
This Package gives you 1 discounted ticket each to 2 productions in Flat Earth Theatre's 2018-2019 Season (2 tickets total)!

Not Medea (March 15 - March 30)
By: Allison Gregory
The show must go on when a performance of the epic Greek tragedy Medea is usurped by someone who is decidedly not Medea. With her own stories to tell, and her own losses to mourn, one mother wrestles with the darker corners of parenthood, wandering the fine line between guilt and grief. Allison Gregory’s rule-breaking, unconventional Not Medea takes a new and darkly humorous approach to an ancient tale from the perspective of a modern woman.

Not Medea is appropriate for middle schoolers and up. Parental discretion advised.

King of Shadows (June 7 - June 22)
By: Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
Well-intentioned grad student Jessica unwittingly stumbles into a strange, sordid fantasy when she invites runaway teen Nihar into her home. The fanciful tale he weaves unveils a debauched realm of exploitation and terror that threatens to unravel Jessica’s privileged worldview, but is any of it true, or merely the delusions of a troubled young mind? Drawing from A Midsummer Night's Dream, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa's King of Shadows conjures a world more strange than true; a distempered fairyland which seeps through the cracks of reality.

King of Shadows is appropriate for middle schoolers and up. Parental discretion advised.

You may select your own date when you purchase the package -- all public performances are eligible!

Not sure which dates you want? All subscription tickets may be exchanged, with no additional fees by calling: (617)-923-0100