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Seven and Seven
Season 7 is over, but the need to raise money isn't.  So, we're sticking with the “Seven and Seven” campaign for now. After all, we successfully completed our seventh season and we still plan to stick around for at least seven more — but we can only do that with the continued help of our generous, passionate donors – and with new friends, as well.

In our seven years we've produced 23 full-length productions, including 5 Florida premieres, as well as our TRT2 second stage productions and Conversation Starters.  We've employed over 200 professional actors and designers, mostly from the Tampa Bay area. We’re an award-winning theatre, including two 2017 Creative Loafing Best of the Bay Critics’ Choice Awards: Emilia Sargent as Best Actress and C. David Frankel as Best Director. Mark Leib noted in his award citation, “[the] theater operates on a shoestring, meaning that acting and directing have to be so riveting, they make us forget the missing sets and properties. . . Now if only a few donors would give TampaRep a little advertising money, the Bay area might discover what treasures it has to offer.”

Your donation will go directly to increasing our audience and to compensating the artists who make our productions possible at a higher rate, eventually reaching a living wage.

We can only do that through the generosity of our donors — ticket sales amount to less than half of our budget (that’s true for most non-profit theatre companies, by the way). We’re especially in need of business and corporate sponsorships, so you can also help by spreading the word. Our goals are simple — continue to bring thought-provoking entertainment to the Tampa Bay area with artists who receive a just compensation for their creativity and hard work. Please help if you can.

We’re a courageous and feisty company that over the past six years has consistently produced theatre that is innovative, provocative, and classic. Truly, no donation is too small, and all the money we raise goes to our productions — to pay our artists, to license plays, to purchase sets, costumes, and so on.

Once you make your donation, we’ll contact you in regard to your donation perks. Remember, your perks are good for one calendar year from the time of your donation.