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End Season 8 with a Bang!
Stupid F##ng Fundraiser!

That's right, we’re asking for money to help finish off Season 8 with a bang. We're grateful to Global-Widget, LLC, for joining us as a production sponsor for the last production of the season, Stupid Fucking Bird, but their generosity only covers part of what we need to make it possible to deliver the best production values and compensate the many local artists involved in our show. Please consider making a donation and purchasing tickets at Your generosity as a Friend of TampaRep will also help us build a strong foundation for Season 9 so we can continue to produce plays that are innovative, provocative, classic – and entertaining.

We want to:

Build a permanent home with a mainstage space, a black box space, along with administrative and education facilities.

Pay all actors, stage management, directors, and designers a livable wage.

Expand our season to six shows.

Expand education programs including scholarships and outreach.

Expand our intern program.

Employ executive and administrative staff.

Become a nationally-known theatre company.

We know we can't reach all those goals this season or next, but we want to keep moving toward them -- and with your help, we can get there.  Please go to and give whatever you can -- truly, no gift is too small.