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Protopack - Standard 2022
Offers a single standard ticket to any 4 Prototype shows, as available. Please choose performances carefully as performances may overlap or occur at far ranging venues. A Protopack cannot be used for multiple tickets to a single show.

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE CHOOSING YOUR PERFORMANCES AT THE SAME TIME AS PURCHASING YOUR PROTOPACK. When choosing shows, please be sure to select the Standard ($35) seating to redeem your package benefits. When you choose your show ticket, it will show up as $0 in your cart. Protopack allotments are limited, so if you are only able to find a seat at full price, that means there are no more Protopack seats available. Please choose another date or another performance.

Please be aware that Protopacks cannot be used for the Opening Night of The Hang on 1/7 or the Opening Night of TRADE on 1/8.

As of 11/20, there are no remaining Standard tickets for Book of Mountains and Seas on 1/11, 1/13, or 1/15 and Cannabis on 1/11. There are no Standard tickets remaining for The Hang.