Gem Theater- One More Productions

12852 Main Street

Garden Grove


United States

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Gem Theatre- One More Productions
In Kind Donations

One More Productions is a 501(c)3 non-profit company and every penny you donate is tax deductible! Our donors help us keep the doors open at The GEM and provide a home for the arts in downtown Garden Grove. We are so grateful for all of your support, big or small!
Create Great Music and Buy a Key
Musicals are the backbone of One More Productions, so why don't you be the backbone of our musicals?

By donating a “piano key,” you can help fund the professional musicians who play live every performance and create the magic in our musicals.

Monthly Giving
Every Penny Counts! Imagine if 100 people donated:

$1 - Pays the phone bill for one month
$5 - Pays materials to build 3 costumes
$20 - Pays the rehearsal pianist for one entire productions
$50 - Pays the Rights and Royalties for one of our mainstage musicals

The Best Seat in the House is Yours
Choose a seat in the theatre and have your name be a part of One More Productions and The GEM Theatre forever! For a one-time donation of $200, your name, or the name of a loved one, will be placed on a brass plate and permanently affixed to the available chair of your choice.

Be a part of history and support the theater at the same time. There are less than 70 seats left, so choose a chair and donate today!
The Platinum Club
Platinum Club Members will have access to the exclusive Tiffany Lounge before and during each performance. This private room is located on the second floor and has been created to resemble a "speakeasy" from the early 1930s. With rich, deep leather seating, a Martini Bar, Tiffany chandeliers and lighting fixtures, you will be lost in the elegance and timelessness of this private salon.

Relax and enjoy a glass of wine, a flute of Champagne, or your favorite cocktail before the performance and at intermission once every production.