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2018 Risk Reward
Every day, in every moment, there is risk. At STREB we find joy in the extreme possibility of risk. We gamble at high stakes for an extreme reward. We gambol for joy. We are kindred spirits to the wide-eyed children who run and jump with us and unequivocally believe that anything is possible.

Join us. Take a chance with your heart and your mind to encourage the men and women of STREB EXTREME ACTION and the people they inspire.
Action Maverick Benefit 2019
I/ We cannot attend the 2019 Action Maverick Award Benefit, but please accept this tax deductible contribution.
Kid Pop Action Scholarship
Please donate to our Kid Pop Action Scholarship fund. Every penny counts in bringing anunderserved child to our space. Give the gift of Extreme Acrobatics and make a childs' dream to fly come true.

Every donation is tax deductible to the full extent of the law.
Make a tax-deductible donation here! Thank you!