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All Out Arts
Fresh Fruit needs seeds to grow.

Please plant your seed for true recognition of the contribution of LGBT culture to our community, and to allow new artists a supportive and inclusive place to grow.

Donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.
Donations of $150 and up are acknowledged in our seasonal printed matter.
Since 2002, "Fighting Prejudice Through the Arts" has been on our official All Out Arts Logo.
It is NOT just a slogan on our business cards. It is our mission!
We take pride in the fact that unlike many non-profits, we are over 90% Public-Supported!
But thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic we have lost a full year and a half of all earned income,
while continuing our programming as best we can and at great cost.

Please help All Out Arts and the Fresh Fruit Festival survive into the future.

FOR 2021 ONLY: The Federal "Cares Act" allows you to take up to a $300 deduction on your Federal taxes, EVEN if you do NOT itemize!