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HUNDREDAIRE ($100 and above):
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The Standard or Premium Tickets offered does not include Symphonie Fantastique or the PROTOTYPE Festival. For $500 Downtown Darling members and above, you will have the chance to buy Symphonie Tickets directly from the Development Department to arrange the best seats at the $60 or $100 levels.

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Contributions support PROTOTYPE: Opera/Theatre/Now, the annual festival of visionary opera-theatre and music-theatre works by pioneering artists from New York City and around the world, co-produced by Beth Morrison Projects and HERE.

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If you prefer to mail a gift, please make checks payable to "PROTOTYPE" and send to:
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*If you would like more information or to discuss making a larger impact please contact *Brenna Thomas, at 212-647-0202, ext. 326 or email brenna@prototypefestival.org.
Assembled Identity
Created by Purva Bedi, Kristin Marting and Mariana Newhard. What makes a human authentic? Is it their genome sequence? Their DNA profile? Their life experience? Exploring ethnic ambiguity, race and identity, this duet uses original and found text, live cinematography, and contemporary music to explore the science of identity, including genomics, genetics, eugenics, and cloning, all of which impact our culture.
American Weather (HERE Resident Artist Project)
Your contribution supports Resident Artist Chris Green and his project, American Weather.

Created by Chris Green with a multi-disciplinary ensemble, American Weather is a new work of material performance that layers movement, non-traditional puppetry, original music, projected video, and audience participation to create an absurdist meditation on the collapse of shared reality in America.

The Black History Museum According to the USA (HARP)
Your contribution supports Resident Artist Zoey Martinson.

The Black History Museum According to the United States of America explores the fraught relationship between Black Americans and the criminal justice system by examining how black history is presented in schools and the media. The performance takes the form of a theatrical museum exhibit featuring different “lessons” about black history. Black History Museum grew out of the town hall meetings held after the fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri along with controversy around #BlackLivesMatter vs #AllLivesMatter movements.
Hybrid Suite No. 2: The Carmen Variations (HARP)
Your contribution supports Resident Artist Gisela Cardenas.

Hybrid Suite No. 2: The Carmen Variations, is a devised theater opera by Gisela Cardenas inspired by Bizet’s Carmen. Mixing opera, text, video-mapping and performing objects, this project seeks to create a multilayered structure that crosses time and geographical borders following the experience of the potential different faces that Carmen can take.
Taylor Mac Artist Residency
Your contribution supports Playwright in Residence, Taylor Mac.
Soundstage (HERE Resident Artist Project)
Your contribution supports Resident Artist Rob Roth and his project, Soundstage.

Through original music, text and immersive media, the production explores the dichotomy of the singular female archetype - contrasting the vulnerable frailty and the underlying sexual prowess.
ThisTree (HERE Resident Artist Project)
Your contribution supports Resident Artist Leah Coloff and her project, ThisTree.

ThisTree is a multi-media performance ritual based on the album of the same name by cellist/singer/composer Leah Coloff. Sewing together song, family stories, animation, home movies and handmade objects, ThisTree explores identity, memory, legacy and loss, propelled by the question – “What do we leave behind when our family tree has died?”
9,000 Paper Balloons (HERE Resident Artist Project)
Your contribution supports Resident Artists Liz Hara, Maiko Kikuchi & Spencer Lott and their project, 9,000 Paper Balloons.

Independent artists Liz Hara, Maiko Kikuchi and Spencer Lott have teamed up to create 9,000 Paper Balloons, a collage of original ghost stories that weave together the tragic end of a young American family, the internment of a Japanese couple, and the cover-up of 9000 paper balloons with live bombs that floated across the Pacific toward the United States in 1945. This new work of puppet-theatre is inspired by true events and explores cultural hysteria, government censorship, and the long term effects of the Japanese Internment.
Visually inspired by Japanese Woodblock prints and stark black and white images from the Japanese Internment camps, this play will float throughout the theater like a fog. The ghost stories will utilize a radio-noir soundscape as well as spoken Japanese text and rely on shadow puppetry, projections, masks and a whole lot of paper.
Ding Dong It's The Ocean (HERE Resident Artist Project)
Your contribution supports Resident Artists RADY&BLOOM and their project, O.

With puppetry and electronic music and inspiration from the story of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, O is a ride down and around a vast whirlpool of all things natural and unnatural above and below, through a great drain beneath the ocean floor, and out the other side. Words by Alex Borinsky, music by Joe White, and fish and flags created by a growing collective of visual artists. Curated and directed by Jeremy Bloom and Brian Rady.

The Meal (HERE Resident Artist Project)
Multidisciplinary artists Shige Moriya and Ximena Garnica will create The Meal. Part performance, part installation, part concert, and part dinner, The Meal is a choreographic ritual of preparing, serving and eating together. The Meal juxtaposes the minimalism of a Japanese tea ceremony against the imagined excess of a Dionysian rite. It exposes the audiences to a barrage of sensorial stimuli while creating a space for silence and mindfulness. It is a poem for the senses, a quest to endow a meal with meaning. The Meal is directed, choreographed, and designed by Ximena Garnica and Shige Moriya featuring the LEIMAY Ensemble with music composed by Thea Little.
HERE Sponsored Project: Tandem Otter (Basil Twist Company)
Contributions to Tandem Otter support Basil Twist and his collaborators, who continue to develop and present some of the most dynamic puppetry in the field today.
Your contribution supports MADE HERE, a documentary series and interactive website about the challenging and eclectic lives of performing artists working and living in New York City.
Fellow Travelers (PROTOTYPE 2018)
Black Inscription (PROTOTYPE 2018)
A free diver transcends her terrestrial ties and embarks on an odyssean journey through our world’s waterways. Through the evocative abstraction of song, image and sound, we follow her into the deep. Carried by the currents that connect us all, she encounters billions of bioluminescent creatures, the endlessly inventive structures of coral reefs on their annual night of spawning, fields of human detritus, and abandoned nets still fishing for no one. What she finds is at once awe-inspiring and devastating.

Crafted by three veterans of rock, classical, and pop music, and using the most powerful aspects of each, Black Inscription is a set of songs that investigates our evolving understanding of the ocean and our relationship to it. It is an immersive performance that reminds us of both the emotional and ecological significance the sea. Black Inscritption was created with the cooperation of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Composed by the band Rabbit Rabbit (Carla Kihlstedt and Matthias Bossi) along with Jeremy Flower.
box office: 212.352.3101 · HERE 145 Sixth Ave. (enter on Dominick Street one block south of Spring), NY, NY 10013