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HERE's Fund for Women Artists
The Fund for Women Artists is dedicated to providing resources to projects by HERE's Women Resident Artists.
Contributions support PROTOTYPE: Opera/Theatre/Now, the annual festival of visionary opera-theatre and music-theatre works by pioneering artists from New York City and around the world, co-produced by Beth Morrison Projects and HERE. 

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HERE Benefit
HERE's 2019 Gala celebrates our commitment to nurturing the growth of artists and cultivating ideas that propel us to our fullest BLOOM.

This year, we will honor Taylor Mac and the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Arts Program.

Please support the event by buying a ticket or making a gift. It will ensure the artistic growth of the hundreds of artists that fill our spaces each year and the audiences that are moved by their exciting work.

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Standard tickets are general admission. Premium tickets are reserved seats.

The Standard or Premium Tickets offered does not include the PROTOTYPE Festival. Tickets to ThisTree, a HERE Resident Artist Production in the 2019 PROTOTYPE Festival, are available for $500 Downtown Darling members and above. 

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 Please feel free to include any questions or comments in the notes section below or contact HERE's Manager of Individual Giving and Special Events, Auburn Hicks, at auburn@here.org or at 212-647-0202 ext. 327. 

 Memberships expire 365 days after purchase date. 

 HERE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit arts organization, and contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.
HARP: The Black History Museum According to the USA
Your contribution supports Resident Artist Zoey Martinson.

The Black History Museum According to the United States of America explores the fraught relationship between Black Americans and the criminal justice system by examining how black history is presented in schools and the media. The performance takes the form of a theatrical museum exhibit featuring different “lessons” about black history. Black History Museum grew out of the town hall meetings held after the fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri along with controversy around #BlackLivesMatter vs #AllLivesMatter movements.
HARP: 9000 Paper Balloons
Your contribution supports Resident Artists Liz Hara, Maiko Kikuchi & Spencer Lott and their project, 9000 Paper Balloons.

Independent artists Liz Hara, Maiko Kikuchi and Spencer Lott have teamed up to create 9000 Paper Balloons, a collage of original ghost stories that weave together the tragic end of a young American family, the internment of a Japanese couple, and the cover-up of 9000 paper balloons with live bombs that floated across the Pacific toward the United States in 1945. This new work of puppet-theatre is inspired by true events and explores cultural hysteria, government censorship, and the long term effects of the Japanese Internment.
Visually inspired by Japanese Woodblock prints and stark black and white images from the Japanese Internment camps, this play will float throughout the theater like a fog. The ghost stories will utilize a radio-noir soundscape as well as spoken Japanese text and rely on shadow puppetry, projections, masks and a whole lot of paper.
HARP: Cannabis! A Theatrical Concert
Cannabis! A theatrical concert • Baba Israel

This live multimedia performance will tell the story of cannabis by creating an “up on your feet” musical concert with spoken word and theater. Hip Hop MC’s, singers, dancers, and video projection will be mixed and driven by a live band. Through music and the spoken word the show will trace the impact of the plant on humanity.

This project is based on Smoke Signals: A Social History of Marijuana - Medical, Recreational, and Scientific by Martin A. Lee (2012). The book's author has committed to collaborating on the project and will serve as a consultant in the project's development. The show will feature "mash ups" and arrangements of iconic music; La Cucaracha of the Mexican Revolution, Louis Armstrong and other Jazz “vipers”, the Beat era, 60’s Rock n’ Roll, and Reggae, right up to the Hip Hop of today.

In contrast, using projection and immersive theater, the audience will experience the repressive forces that have criminalized the communities who have sought its medical, artistic, and revelatory properties. The production will also celebrate the artists and activists who have resisted those forces.
We are embarking on this project recognising that we are at a tipping point in America’s history with cannabis. More than half of the states and the District of Columbia currently have laws legalising cannabis. Now is the time to challenge the taboos and perceptions of the plant by exploring its history, medical impact, the racist roots of prohibition, and its continued legacy of mass incarceration of communities of color.

Lastly, we want to explore the opportunities and contradictions emerging as legalization spreads across the country despite the new anti-cannabis regime in Washington. We imagine a production that is both politically charged and an uplifting and celebratory event.
HARP: Hybrid Suite No. 2: The Carmen Variations
Your contribution supports Resident Artist Gisela Cardenas.

Hybrid Suite No. 2: The Carmen Variations, is a devised theater opera by Gisela Cardenas inspired by Bizet’s Carmen. Mixing opera, text, video-mapping and performing objects, this project seeks to create a multilayered structure that crosses time and geographical borders following the experience of the potential different faces that Carmen can take.
HARP: The Meal
Multidisciplinary artists Shige Moriya and Ximena Garnica will create The Meal. Part performance, part installation, part concert, and part dinner, The Meal is a choreographic ritual of preparing, serving and eating together. The Meal juxtaposes the minimalism of a Japanese tea ceremony against the imagined excess of a Dionysian rite. It exposes the audiences to a barrage of sensorial stimuli while creating a space for silence and mindfulness. It is a poem for the senses, a quest to endow a meal with meaning. The Meal is directed, choreographed, and designed by Ximena Garnica and Shige Moriya featuring the LEIMAY Ensemble with music composed by Thea Little.
HARP: mɔːnɪŋ
Gelsey Bell's mɔːnɪŋ (pronounced as “mourning” and “morning”) is a opera that inhabits a world, beginning today, in which all humans have disappeared from Earth. Distanced creatures witness the changes that take place on Earth as forests grow back, rivers overtake dams, and human-made buildings and objects gradually erode away. Inspired by Alan Weisman’s The World Without Us, the piece is whimsical, fantastical, and playful while being rooted in scientific ideas and the dire political and ethical contradictions that structure current human relations with nature and other animals.

HARP: Priestess of Twerk
Nia Witherspoon’s new work, Priestess of Twerk – inspired equally by the “bad bitches” of hip-hop, the reproductive justice movement, and the sacred sex workers that graced Egyptian temples – presents women and trans folks of color with opportunities to re-encounter their sexualities through the lens of the sacred, in the hopes of increasing bodily autonomy and dispelling toxic masculinity.

HARP: Marie It's Time
Minor Theater wants to plunge headfirst into the misogyny at the heart of modern drama. Using a wild retranslation of Georg Büchner’s Woyzeck as a point of entry, our adaptation starts from the perspective of Marie, Woyzeck’s enigmatic, highly sexualized victim, building new narratives around the fragments Büchner left behind. The point isn’t to simply reverse or correct the misogyny of the story, but to explore the ways women can appropriate the violence directed against them and redirect it into their own projects. Seizing on the way song permeates the original text, Julia Jarcho and Ben Williams will collaborate on an original music and sound composition to underscore this classic story of lust and murder—and to interrupt it.

HERE & Back: Taylor Mac Artist Residency
Your contribution supports the development of a new work by Playwright in Residence, Taylor Mac.
SubletSeries Production
Coming to see one of our upcoming SubletSeries productions? Or hoping to support it as it comes to life? Make a donation to our SubletSeries and we'll apply your gift to underwrite direct costs for the show that you are attending.
HERE & Back: Kristin Marting's Artistic Project
thingNY - A Series of Landscapes
Presented as part of HERE Arts Center’s #stillHERE, A Series of Landscapes is a new online work of opera-theatre by thingNY set in the world of our dreams. Audiences are invited into a Zoom call where seven performers dive into the anxiety and serenity of this paradoxical moment, where yesterday’s action in the street, today’s paralyzing personal stasis, and tomorrow’s online wedding are all refracted through the bizarre filter of social and emotional distance. You’re outside of time and somehow you’re everyone. “Is that me? Is that you? What year is it?” We’re together with everyone we’ve ever known. Jeff’s dad shows up to get us out of there. We might be in Texas. There will be absurdity, severity, sweetness, and uncanniness amidst moments of interaction, deluge, and connection.

In April, thingNY was one of the early “adapters” of making work within and responding to quarantine culture, creating and performing a series of etudes which toyed with the shortcomings of virtual performance: SubtracTTTTTTTTT. Praised in the Washington Post, The New Yorker, The Wire, and Steve Smith’s Night After Night, the band returns with another chapter of socially distant live performance. A Series of Landscapes pushes our attention, our practice, and our technologies further.

Once you make a donation, you will receive a confirmation with a private Vimeo link in order to view the performance. Please reach out to tickets@here.org if you have any questions or do not receive the link after making your donation.

box office: 212.352.3101 · HERE 145 Sixth Ave. (enter on Dominick Street one block south of Spring), NY, NY 10013