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Choose a Mug Thank You Gift
Enjoy your morning coffee with an Irondale mug and know that you are supporting programs like Young Company, TPSU, the On Women Festival and innovative productions like Brecht in Exile and 1599. Order both for variety, or as a great gift.
Annual Campaign 2021-2022
The fund to support Brecht in Exile, To Protect, Serve and Understand, Irondale's youth programs and general support of the Irondale Center
To Protect, Serve, and Understand
In 2015, Irondale invited the New York Police Department to join them in developing a community program that would use theatrical improvisation to build communication and empathy between officers and the communities they are charged to protect and serve.
Every season, our cast of community members and police officers join founding members and facilitators Terry Greiss, Rivka Rivera, and Michael-David Gordon for 10 weeks of improvisational training, in which they learn and apply the tools of the actor to be heard, bear witness to others’ perspectives, and spotlight needed change. 
The workshops culminate in original and spontaneous public performances that show what can come from mutual trust and empathetic understanding. 
Mom on Skype - from Ukraine to Brooklyn
In a bomb shelter in Lviv, Ukraine, a young soldier on duty, rehearses a play that he has directed about the separation and disconnection of children and parents. His cast is comprised of 9 children between the ages of 10 and 14 including his own daughter. Children who, overnight, have had to deal with the realities of missiles directed at them, bombs falling around them, and the fear that at any moment a family member or they themselves might die.

Irondale will bring this courageous production, Mom on Skype with its Ukrainian cast to Brooklyn this August with your help.

For 3 weeks the young Ukrainian performers from The School of Open Minded Kids Studio Theatre will rehearse, interact with the Irondale Young Company and sample New York City’s cultural riches. They have also been invited by the organization Sing for Hope, to a youth retreat in Ivoryton Connecticut where they will create theater and music with other American teens.

Won’t you sponsor one of these visitors? We still have approximately $40,000 to ensure that we can make this project work. You can sponsor the entire trip for one Ukrainian visitor for $3,000. That includes meals, tickets to museums, shows, tourist attractions, and travel expenses. Please help us bring this group over. It will certainly change their lives — and it may change yours.
Thank you for supporting Mulana Randall's Spitdatpain program.

Irondale Productions will accept and transfer all contributions for Spit... until it receives it's not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) status.
Until then you may rest assured that your gift is tax deductible to the full extent of the laws.
The Citizen Artist Campaign
To celebrate Irondale's 40th anniversary, we are launching The Citizen Artist Campaign, to raise a $10,000,000 endowment by 2027 that will support artists' salaries and fees. These are the artists who perform in the plays, create and teach in the education programs, train the next generation of artists and make Irondale the ensemble that it is. With your support, they can make their living and at the same time, Irondale can offer free programming -- forever! This will free up other funds to increase internal capacity and administration, and make infrastructure improvements that provide needed technological and safety upgrades to the 160-year-old, 7,300sq ft church-turned-theater space. 

The next 40 years start in 2023, be part of it. 

$40 for 40

To celebrate Irondale's 40th anniversary, we are launching the 
$40 for 40 Campaign, to raise $40,000 by the end of 2022. 

Can you spare $40 to help us achieve our goal and start our 40th year with this gift from you? 

You can donate more if you're feeling extra generous today!

The next 40 years start in 2023, be part of it.