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Teatro SEA
Support Teatro SEA! Your contribution is tax-deductible and will help ensure that SEA continues to thrive.
TEATRO SEA's Sponsor a Kid Campaign
SPONSOR A KID so they can Experience CULTURA and the Magic of TEATRO!

TEATRO SEA (The Latino Children's Theatre) - NYC
Be a hero! Sponsor a kid so they can experience CULTURA and the magic of TEATRO for only $10.00 at our beautiful home-base theatre, TEATRO SEA! Sé un héroe! Por tan solo $10 patrocina a un niño para que visite TEATRO SEA y pueda vivir la MAGIA y CULTURA del Teatro.

TEATRO SEA - Puerto Rico
TEATRO SEA has brought the magic of TEATRO to children in rural areas of Puerto Rico. For many, this has been their first time experiencing a live, theatrical performance. For $5.00, you can help us continue to reach even more children in Puerto Rico! Por muchos años TEATRO SEA ha llevado la magia del TEATRO a niños en áreas rurales de Puerto Rico. Para muchos de ellos, éste ha sido su primer contacto con el Teatro. Por $5 adicionales nos puedes ayudar a seguir llegando a mucho más niños en Puerto Rico.

Lastly, an additional $5 will help SEA provide free toys and books to children for our annual Three King’s Day event held on January 6th at TEATRO SEA. Each year, this very important celebration continues to grow, and we need your support now more than ever! Con una donación adicional de $5 nos ayudarás a proveer libros y juguetes gratuitos a los niños que vienen a celebrar a los Tres Reyes Magos, el 6 de Enero, en el Bajo Manhattan. Cada año ésta importante celebración continúa creciendo, por lo que necesitamos tu ayuda más que nunca.

Thank you for making such a kind gift for a child. They will treasure this experience for life! Gracias por hacerle un regalo tan especial y generoso a un niño. Ellos atesorarán esta experiencia por el resto de sus vidas.

TEATRO SEA's Annual Three King's Day Toy and Book Drive
Each year on January 6 from 3pm - 5pm, TEATRO SEA invites thousands of children to our theater on the Lower East Side to celebrate the very important Latin American Three King's Day holiday! Children have the opportunity to personally meet the Three Kings, receive a free toy or book and enjoy traditional Latino holiday music!

We need your help to keep this tradition going! With your $5 donation, SEA will be able to buy a toy or book for this upcoming Three King's Day celebration! Your support is greatly appreciated and will help SEA continue to celebrate this holiday with our children of New York City!
TEATRO SEA's Sponsor a Child in Puerto Rico Campagin
SEA is asking for your help to sponsor a child in Puerto Rico to experience the magic of theater at TEATRO SEA Puerto Rico! You can sponsor a child to see a performance for family audiences by making a $5 donation!

If you know of a child whom you'd like to sponsor in Puerto Rico, please provide their name and their caregiver's contact information. Or, SEA will choose a child to participate in this exciting opportunity!