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"THE BEST EVER GRAPHIC NOVEL DEALING WITH THE SUBJECT OF MAGIC." - Michael Uslan (Originator and executive producer of Batman film franchise) 

A not-quite-biographical graphic novel retelling of magician Steve Cohen's life and rise to fame. Steve finds his very life swept up in a dark scandal when he discovers a powerful businessman's dooming secret and must "disappear" to avoid a deadly fate. 

He spends years hiding in Japan and training in martial arts before returning to New York to save the businessman's innocent victims and enact his revenge. Using the skills of a magician, Steve Cohen devises a methodical plan to take down the criminal mastermind... from the inside. 

Art by Peter Krause
Story by Keith Champagne
Coloring by Jordie Bellaire
Foreword by David Copperfield

110 pages, paperback, full color
The official playing cards of Chamber Magic. Art direction by Steve Cohen, produced by Theory11.
19"x24" collectible, suitable for framing.