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Our Options Have Changed
Since early in the pandemic, Flux Creative Partners Corey Allen, Emily Hartford and Will Lowry have taken the lead on this interactive, phone-based, labyrinthine experience, OUR OPTIONS HAVE CHANGED. Now, finally, in June 2022, we're ready to share it with YOU.

This production continues our Living Ticket initiative, which makes Flux’s shows free for all to attend. Well, not exactly free: it costs a lot to create these productions, and we continue to build toward a living wage for our team. So while you don’t have to pay anything, we encourage you to support Flux with a donation. Check out our Open Book production budget to learn more about how your contribution can support this work.

In short:

$3 average donation covers our costs and helps ensure we can keep the project live
$6 helps us fully compensate the lead artists who have stewarded this project over the past 2 years
$9+ is an investment in future hybrid work from Flux!
Flux Theatre Ensemble
Please consider making a contribution to Flux Theatre Ensemble (100% tax-deductible).