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We live in interesting times, and the "voice" is becoming exceedingly more essential as the ultimate medium through which we can channel and manifest love, understanding, and goodwill towards humanity and the planet. As experts who depend on our voices for our very livelihoods, we hold a unique opportunity, and duty, to use our voices to promote the best in our humanity - to have our legacies make a difference.

The Society of Voice Arts and Sciences supports the art and craft of voice acting and the diverse ecosystem of media distributors, content creators, casting directors, talent agents, educators, voice directors and technology providers that comprises the full spectrum of the industry.

When you donate to SOVAS, your money goes directly to providing year-round public events, scholarships, job training, grants, education, job creation, mentoring, and access to global influencers who are making a difference in our industry and even on the world stage.

The SOVAS community needs your help to build an ever-wider pathway to develop opportunities for the spoken word as an art form, business, career and humanitarian influence - elevating the level of professional excellence, creating quality employment for actors and producers, and cultivating voices that will speak powerfully into the possibility of all we can be as individuals and community. Words matter. The extraordinary skill required to tell stories of clarity and purpose matter all the more.

Thank you for your donation.

Board of Directors

*The Society of Voice Arts and Sciences is a 501c3 nonprofit charity, duly registered and operating under the regulations of the US Federal government. All donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by Federal law. Proof of donation letters are mailed to donors for the fiscal year in which the donation is made. See your tax professional for details on how tax deductions apply to you.