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Athenaeum Theatre General Fund 2020
The Athenaeum Theatre is dedicated to providing an affordable home for Chicago’s performing arts community. Currently, we are home to several resident theatre companies, over a dozen dance companies, and the offices for 15 not-for-profit performing arts organizations. Every dollar we collect is reinvested into this building to keep it a safe, comfortable and technically up-to-date home for music, theatre, and dance. Your gift will benefit all of these groups today and for years to come.

Thank you for supporting the arts in Chicago and being the reason for the success of the Athenaeum.

-The staff and board of the Athenaeum Theatre
DePaul Prep Theater Society
Support the DePaul Prep Theater Society! The DePaul Prep Theater Society fosters artistic literacy by exploring the “live” performance medium in a variety of production settings. Focusing on issues of the human experience, we seek to develop insight, debate, and appreciation for narratives that may or may not be like our own. Through the process of theatrical collaboration, we believe our ensemble grows stronger by honoring the diversity and differences of our individual members. As a self-funded student drama group, your support ensures that our students can continue expressing, learning, and performing. Thank you for your contribution!