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Four Hours of OPEN BAR (Beer, Wine, Liquor) - 9pm-1am INCLUDES TAX & GRATUITY! (must be for entire table)
**Martinis, Shots and Specialty Cocktails NOT included**
**this charge is per person**
Want something EXTRA SPECIAL for your bachelorette/birthday boy/guest of honor???
Let our piano entertainers bring them up to the stage for a *spotlight song* JUST FOR THEM!
Let us know any inside info you'd like us to incorporate, and we'll take it from there...
Want them to belt out a song? Or an adult-themed roast?
Maybe they can take a crazy tambourine solo, or dance around the room!
Your wish is our command!
Our "ROAST & TOAST" Board is the one part of the stage that belongs to YOU!
Post a bday/engagement/anniv. message for your guest of honor!
Or a shout-out to your favorite sports team/hometown/political figure!
Or your single friend's phone number!
Or something even more naughty!
Or whatever's on your mind!
For just $6, you can start the night with some Instagrammable immortality!
ABSOLUTELY ANY MESSAGE YOU WANT (as long as it fits on the board!!!)
And best of all - everyone gets to read it together, OUT LOUD, and DRINK TO IT!
Pre-order some VIP Bottle Service for your table!
You can select either:
Ketel One
Jack Daniels or

Your bottle and mixers will be waiting for your VIP service when you arrive!
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