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Help Us Reopen "I Care" Campaign
During Rattlestick’s 2021-2022 season, our foremost goal has been to reopen our theater at 224 Waverly strategically, safely, and courageously. To that end, the Help Us Reopen "I Care" Campaign supports our three mainstage productions and hybrid programming that centers on artistic sharing and community gathering. Your donation to the Help Us Reopen "I Care" Campaign will allow us to support and advance the bold work of artists whose voices are underrepresented in the American theater and whose brave work might not otherwise find a home, while encouraging new ways to gather and experience theater together. It is because of YOU that we can commit to these exciting artists who are shaking up the theatrical landscape. Thank you for being a crucial part of our community.
Artistic Home Campaign

Rattlestick’s Artistic Home Campaign is an invitation to care for our space, artists, and audiences. For 27 years, we have launched the careers of hundreds of artists and over 125 new plays in our beloved jewel of a theater in the West Village. The Artistic Home Campaign is an investment in our artists and our community by making our space more accessible for all to gather and experience work that is brave, memorable, and impactful.

Name a Seat

For a fully tax-deductible donation of $1,500, you can name a seat in our space — for yourself, or a beloved family member, or maybe even a childhood pet — and join Rattlestick's future as we support brave works and artists who are challenging the theatrical landscape. Triple the impact of your gift before August 15th with the Battin Match!

Matching Donations

Rattlestick is fortunate to have received grants from foundational partners allowing us to match new donations made in support of our Artistic Home Campaign.

The Victor C. & Clara C. Battin Foundation will match all new contributions to the campaign under $5,000 at a 2:1 match up to a total of $75,000. The Howard Gilman Foundation is providing a 2:1 match on all contributions of $5,000 and over up to a total of $250,000.

Bathroom Campaign
Rattlestick’s bathrooms aren’t quite like the bathrooms you’re used to. For 22 years, artists and audience members alike have had to wait in line on stage to use the facilities. And we don’t want to put anyone center stage who doesn’t want the spotlight. More importantly, it’s time we upgrade our bathrooms to be ADA accessible so that everyone can use them.

As part of Rattlestick’s Artistic Home project to renovate the theater, we invite you to join our Bathroom Campaign, and help give artists and audiences access to restrooms without disrupting performances. In addition to moving Rattlestick’s facilities off stage and making them accessible for all, we’re creating a dedicated bathroom for artists, to give them the space and privacy they deserve. 

That’s where YOU come in! Donate $25 or more via GiveLively or send a check to 224 Waverly Pl, New York, NY 10014, and your name will be immortalized on our new bathroom walls.