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The Jazz Professors: En Plein Air CD $14.08

  En Plein Air, a French expression meaning “in open air,” is the third album from The Jazz Professors. It is a themed recording conceived as a complete project. The charge for Per Danielsson and Richard Drexler was to compose music inspired by the art of Claude Monet, and, along with director Jeff Rupert's composition, these songs debuted live at the UCF-Orlando Jazz Festival. Rupert selected specific paintings for each composer, art that would evoke different moods, though complementary to each other, as if the works were exhibited together in a gallery.

The Jazz Professors Live at the UCF/Orlando Jazz F $14.08

  Having performed, recorded and toured with a veritable “who’s who” of the jazz realm, these musicians contradict Mencken’s adage: “Those who can–do. Those who can’t–teach.” Recorded live at the UCF-Orlando Jazz Festival on March 20, 2010, featuring a guest appearance from preeminent saxophonist Grant Stewart. FEATURED ARTISTS: Jeff Rupert, tenor sax. Marty Morell, drums. Per Danielsson, piano. Richard Drexler, bass. Bobby Koelble, guitar. Grant Stewart, tenor sax.

The Blues is Alright CD $14.08

  The Flying Horse Big Band (formerly the UCF Jazz Ensemble I) returns with a second full-length CD. With The Blues is Alright, these young performers pay tribute to musicians of the past. They also contribute to the jazz legacy with three original songs.

Jazz Town CD $14.08

  Jazz Town is the debut release from Flying Horse Records...The Flying Horse Big Band (formerly the UCF Jazz Ensemble I), comprised of freshmen, sophomores, and a few juniors in the emerging Jazz Studies program, recorded seven pieces with director Jeff Rupert. The collaboration includes not only classics but also new works such as “Bad Moon” and the title track written specifically for the UCF Jazz Ensemble.

Flying Horse Big Band: Into The Mystic CD $14.08

  Into the Mystic features both repertory works and new works, including a suite for Miles Davis and James Brown, and vocals from T-Bone. The album presents remakes of classics by Marvin Gaye, The Beatles, The Neville Brothers, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, and Van Morrison, as well as Charlie Parker, Eddie Harris, Ray Anthony, and Al Cohn.

Do That Again CD $14.08

  Having performed, recorded and toured with a veritable “who’s who” of the jazz realm, the Jazz Professors return with their second album Do That Again. The new release features an expanded set list and a larger repertory of players.

Marching Knights Car Magnet - Black Background $4.69
Marching Knights Car Magnet on black background with gold lettering.
Marching Knights Car Magnet - Gold Background $4.69
Marching Knights Car Magnet on gold background with black lettering.
UCF Marching Knights "Sounds of Gold" $9.39

  The Marching Knights are proud to present their second recorded CD featuring the entire band. The CD features highlights from the 2015 season including selections from Pregame, UCF Cheers, Stand Tunes and Halftime Shows.

UCF Marching Knights "Charge On" $9.39

  The Marching Knights are proud to present their first recorded CD featuring the entire band. The CD features highlights from the 2013 season including selections from Pregame, UCF Cheers, Stand Tunes and Halftime Shows.

UCF Percussion "Patterns" $9.39

  Patterns is the debut release from the University of Central Florida percussion studio. The album features new works for mallet quartet (two marimbas and two vibraphones) composed by Marc Mellits, Jonathan Kolm, Scott Linderoth, Thad Anderson, and Paul Lansky. A champion of new music, UCF Percussion frequently collaborates with composers to bring new works to life.

The Florida Review Fall 2017 Issue - 41.2 $10.00
Fall 2017, 41.2. Special Section on Prison with writing by Ana Castillo, Todd Henry, Tyler McAndrew, Lauren Page, Nicole Santalucia, Timothy Tingle-Brown, and Sean White. Additional authors include Roy Bentley, Anu Kandikuppa, Daphne Kalotay, LaTanya McQueen, Jennifer Murvin, Esteban Rodriguez, and more.
The Florida Review Spring 2017 Issue - 41.1 $5.00



Spring 2017 41.1

Ripples of Change. This issue includes our 2016 Editors’ Awards winners Derek Palacio (fiction), Rebekah Taussig (creative nonfiction), and Paige Lewis (poetry), our Jeanne Leiby Chapbook contest runner-up Gregory J. Wolos (fiction) as well as the writing and graphic narrative of 18 other authors and artists.

The Florida Review Fall 2016 Issue - 40.2 $5.00


Fall 2016 40.2. Pulse Tribute… and more. This issue includes five pieces by Orlando authors in response to the Pulse tragedy—featuring Edgar Gomez, Sara Elizabeth Grossman, Ashley Inguanta, Sabrina Napolitano, and Nicole Oquendo. Plus fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and graphic narrative by Anne Panning, Rich Levy, Julie Marie Wade, Michael Hettich, Cynthia Hogue, Cameron Barnett, Fikret Pajalic, Maria Kuznetsova, Jay Duret, plus many others!

The Florida Review Spring 2016 Issue - 40.1 $5.00

  Spring 2016 40.1Spirit of Survival. Going into its 40th year, this issue of The Florida Review, under new editor Lisa Roney features the 2015 Editors’ Award winners Melanie Thorne, Christine Poreba, and Matthew Lansburgh. An additional 33 authors include Jacob M. Appel, Dariel Suarez, David Kirby, Lisa Lewis, Marjorie Stelmach, Jim Daniels, and Sonya Huber.

The Florida Review Fall 2015 Double Issue - 39.1/2 $10.00

  Fall 2015 double issue 39.1 & 2
Good-bye to All This. Final issue of editor Jocelyn Bartkevicius, including the work of 48 authors, including Raymond J. Barry, Adrian Blevins, George Choundas, Stephen Dunn, Gail Folkins, Mark Halliday, Tony Hoagland, B.J. Hollars, Stacy Parker Le Melle, Wendy Rawlings, and others.

The Florida Review Winter '13/Spring '14 Dbl Issue $10.00

  Winter 2013/Spring 2014 double issue 38.1 & 2
The Writer as Witness. This issue features winners of the 2013 Editors’ Awards, as well as well-known and award-winning authors Marcia Aldrich, Floyd Skloot, Alex Lemon, Ed Ochester, Chard DiNiord, Debra Moroe, and Terri Witek.

The Florida Review Winter 2012 Issue - 37.2 $5.00

  Winter 2012 37.2
Heavy Lifting. Featuring 13 authors in addition to the 2012 Editors’ Award winners, this issue showcases the work of Mark Wisniewski, John Dermot Woods, Jane Satterfield, and Bruce Bond, as well as an interview with National Book Award Winner Bob Shacochis.

The Florida Review Summer 2012 Issue - 37.1 $5.00

  Summer 2012 37.1
Introducing finalists from the first annual Jeanne Leiby Memorial Chapbook competition, this issue seeks to express the spirit of this former editor after her tragic death. It features 3 graphic narratives, as other works by noted writers such as Carolyne Wright, Salgado Maranhão, and Matt Cashion, and some with a Florida connection, such as Philip F. Deaver and Terry Godbey.

The Florida Review Winter 2009 Issue - 34.2 $5.00

  Winter 2009 34.2
What’s literary? This issue contains the most literary of innovative writing by 21 authors such as award-winning Honor Moore (also interviewed in this issue), Baron Wormser, Susan Rich, George Looney, and Christine Gelineau.

The Florida Review Summer 2009 Issue - 34.1 $5.00

  Summer 2009 34.1
Do Young People Still Read? Taking on our prejudices about young writers, TFR 34.1 features the work of Young Voices Award winner Alex Norcia and other novices alongside master writers such as Kelly Cherry, Eammon Grennan, John Murillo, Terri Witek, and Lili Wright.

The Florida Review Winter 2008 Issue - 33.2 $5.00

  Winter 2008 33.2
The Nature of Facts. Featuring the work of 2008 Editors’ Awards winners Julie Lekstrom Hines, Maya Jewell Zeller, and Farnoosh Moshiri, as well as work by Rosa Alice Branco, Michael Burkhard, Debra Kang Dean, Denise Duhamel, Steven Harvey, Tony Hoagland, and Mark Wisniewski.

The Florida Review Spring 2008 Issue - 33.1 $5.00

  Spring 2008 33.1
Guest edited by Susan Fallows, TFR 33.1 is packed with work by Billy Collins, Matthew Gavin Frank, Heather Kirn, Beverly and Rachel Luria, Daniel Tobin, and 23 other writers, often remarkable for the varied worlds they bring to their work—that of physician, firefighter, attorney, waitress, and missionary work.

The Florida Review Spring 2007 Issue - 32.1 $5.00

  Spring 2007 32.1
One of Jeanne Leiby’s final issues of TFR before moving on to the Southern Review, this issue features the work of 29 authors and illustrators, including five graphic narratives and works by Jan Beatty, Patrick Hicks, George Kalamaras, Sean Michael Wilson, and Valerie Vogrin.

The Florida Review Fall 2006 Issue - 31.2 $5.00

  Fall 2006 31.2
The 2006 Editors’ Awards winners—Dilruba Ahmed, C. B. Anderson, and Lee Reilly—open this issue that also includes work by notables Rick Campbell, David Keplinger, Laure-Anne Bosselaar, Michael Hettich, Ander Monson, Lee Reilly, and others.

The Florida Review Spring 2006 Issue - 31.1 $5.00

  Spring 2006 31.1
Featuring cover art by folk artist Ruby C. Williams, this issue includes work by Gaylord Brewer, Gary Fincke, Robert Gibb, George Looney, Phong Nguyen, and 21 additional writers.

The Florida Review Fall 2005 Issue - 30.2 $5.00
Fall 2005 30.2
One of the earliest issues of TFR to include “comics and cartoons,” 30.2 also presents the work of Jim Daniels, Cary Holladay, Kathryn Kirkpatrick, Jeanne Larsen, Ron Mohring, Jane Satterfield, Virgil Suárez, Ryan G. Van Cleave, and others.