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Fuel the Fire

Forge Light Theatreworks was born out of the intense need for authentic, equitable, and sustainable artistry in the Colorado performing arts community. In February of 2020, we rose from the ashes, ready for a year of collaborating, ready to produce a fully staged inaugural production, and then…

the world had other plans…

In March of 2020, we were all forced to take a global “intermission” before we could even start the overture. Live theatre and its artists now, more than ever, need your help to reignite the flame.

So, you may be wondering “why Forge Light Theatreworks?” “What sets them apart?” Quite simply, it is the work we do to uphold our mission.
Igniting Passion - Forging Art – Strengthening Diversity

@ We IGNITE PASSION by producing new and underexplored musicals that have never been on a Broadway stage.
@ We FORGE ART by creatively reducing waste and operating sustainably in all aspects of our operations and productions.
@ We STRENGTHEN DIVERSITY by making safe, fair and equitable theatre our priority.

We are proud to be leading the Colorado theatre community with this commitment.

Be a part of the post-covid #savethearts movement. Help us spotlight local and underrepresented artists, produce rarely discovered musical theatre, and highlight the cultural depths in our community!

Today, I am making this very personal and urgent request for your support. No matter the amount, it will help us keep the forge light burning. Please visit to give today!

On behalf of the entire Forge Light Theatreworks family, thank you for being a part of our story!

To see a list of our donor benefits - CLICK HERE

Keith Rabin, Jr.
Founder & Artistic Director