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The Ochre House specializes in highly collaborative musicals, and ORIGINAL MAN written and directed by Matthew Posey, was no exception. The lyric writing process was spread out among the cast, and Music Director Justin Locklear worked with the lyricists and vocalists in creating the arrangements. As a result, each song is a product of this active collaboration. The background vocals for each song were created by the actors, a process which came together in rehearsals and gave each song an even more authentic and personal feel.

Featuring the talents of the ORIGINAL MAN cast:
Marcus Stimac, Matthew Posey, Justin Locklear, Carla Parker, Christian Taylor, Chris Sykes, Darren McElroy Quinn Coffman, Monet Lerner, Trey Pendergrass, Aaron Gonzalez, and Kate Fisher.

Recorded at Klearlight Studio in Dallas, TX.
Music Director: Justin Locklear 
Sound engineers: Jimi Bowman and Jay Jernigan.

$30 includes the vinyl, a beautiful commemorative photo book, a bonus code to download the album, shipping and handling.