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Donate to TBG's 2018 Spring Benefit!
The Barrow Group, a 33-year old award-winning performing arts organization, will honor Howard M. Rubin this year with the TBG “Founders Award” at our Annual Spring Benefit on May 22.

Each year we serve over 24,000 students, patrons, and artists with our acclaimed performing arts classes, productions, and readings.

We offer classes to aspiring actors and amateurs alike, and welcome people of all backgrounds by providing low-income and diversity scholarships to students who show great determination and talent. We also offer affordably priced, subsidized tickets to our shows, so that as many New Yorkers as possible can enjoy our theatre.

Thank you for donating to The Barrow Group!

The Barrow Group Annual Fund
JOIN US in creating great theatre in New York City! The Barrow Group relies on donations each year to make our productions, community events, and classes possible. Please consider making a gift, of any amount, today. Thank you for your support!
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