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Urbanite Theatre
General Operating

Our commitment to utilizing talented, experienced professional artists while maintaining low-cost tickets necessitates the support of the community and individual donors. Urbanite Theatre is a 501(c)3 non-profit , and your tax-deductible support is crucial to our ability to bring quality productions to the area, excite new theatergoers, and employ professional artists from around the country.
Student Ticket Donor Program
At Urbanite Theatre, we are passionately dedicated to raising the next generation of theatregoers. The high expense of producing professional theater tends to balloon tickets prices above what young patrons are able to afford. But by setting our student ticket price at just $5 for all performances, we've eliminated the financial hurdle. Will you help us continue to make this possible?

You'll notice that the Student Ticket Donor Program allows you to donate in in multiples of $27, the cost to subsidize a normal ticket ($32) for a student.

The money you give to the Student Ticket Donor Program goes directly to operational revenue. Students are waiting for your help.

Your Donation Provides
$27 - one student ticket
$54 - two student tickets
$135 - five student tickets
$270 - ten student tickets
$540 - twenty student tickets
$1350 - fifty student tickets