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2023 Modern Works Festival Pass

See all three finalists in the 2023 Modern Works Festival. Secure your seat and save $9 per person. Each pass includes one ticket to: 

WESTMINSTER by Brenda Withers 
When Pia's old friend Krys gifts her with a surprise rescue dog, the women and their partners face off over issues of class, accountability, and good breeding. Part morality play, part screwball romp, Westminster digs into "acceptable" social prejudices and the consequences of leaving those biases unchecked.


THE APIARY by Kate Douglas 
It’s 2044. Bees are extinct in the wild, kept alive inside synthetic apiaries where they live year-round in perpetual spring. Through a freak accident, lab assistants Zora and Pilar discover the bees have an usually positive response to dead human flesh. As the bees begin to thrive, Zora and Pilar must find a way to satiate their new appetites.


THERAPY by Jena Rashid 
Dr. Cleo Magnus takes great pride in his work and the people it brings into his life as a therapist. He lives for the excitement and thrill of meeting new clients and working with them. His newest client, Jane, is no exception to this. However, things take a turn when feelings start to develop into impulses that neither party are sure that they can resist acting on.

See all three readings to become eligible to vote for the festival winner!

Individual tickets normally $66, available as a package for $57.
2022-23 Flex Package
New! A four-pack of tickets to use however you wish. Great for gifts or scheduling uncertainty, your four-ticket Flex Pass can be used all on one show or on as many as four different productions. You decide! Buy now and save $17 over four individual tickets.