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Preservation Idaho Membership & Donations
For over 48 years, Preservation Idaho has worked to protect historic places of significance to Idahoans through collaboration, education, and advocacy.

We have recently changed our membership and donations page. Please read carefully.

Preservation Idaho is now including a membership for your donation of $25 or more. So whether you would like to purchase/renew a membership or make a donation, you can do it all on this form. 

As a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization, we receive no state or federal operating funds. We rely on memberships and donations to continue our advocacy and educational work. 

By your donation, you will qualify for one of 4 membership tiers listed below and its benefits. 

Please complete the form to the right. To ensure that you receive your membership benefits, leave the first checkbox UNCHECKED. 

Important: If you are purchasing memberships for 2 or more people, please make separate transactions. This ensures that each name is processed in our system and that each individual receives their membership benefits. (We no longer have a "family" tier.)

$25-$34 Donation: Senior / Student – Receives 1 discounted ticket for eligible events.

$35-$99 Donation: Individual – Receives 1 discounted ticket for eligible events.
$100-$199 Donation: Advocate – Receives 2 discounted tickets for eligible events
$200+: Benefactor – Receives 3 discounted tickets for eligible events

If you wish to become a member at $500 or more, we thank you! Please sign up as a Benefactor and contact for information on additional benefits. 

Thank you for being a member!

If you already have an active membership and wish to make an additional donation to Preservation Idaho's mission or for a particular project, PLEASE CHECK the "waive benefits" box in order to avoid creating a duplicate account. 

This WILL NOT impact your current benefits but IT WILL avoid duplicate membership and emails. Your generosity will be processed directly as a donation.

If you have any questions about your membership status, please contact us at (208) 424-5111.

Thank you for your generous donation and support of our work!

For help, please contact us at (208) 424-5111 or